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Friday, February 24 2012

In light of the recent news of the funding reduction from NIH (National Institute for Health) for Down syndrome research, WE, as parents and families, have got to STEP UP and help to support to continue Down syndrome research!  Clinical trials are under way by ROCHE based upon research by DSRTF (Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation), but without funding, scientists cannot continue their efforts, which could even result in no more clinical trials. 

If you're thinking, I can't do that, there's an organization for're misled!  Organizations out there need private funding from us!  YOU can do it, and WE can do it together!  Here are some ideas that you can use to help you help EVERYONE in the Down syndrome community!  With the money you raise, you can donate it directly to DSRTF or if want our help, you can leverage any communications/events that Upside of Down puts on to raise funds.

  • In lieu of birthday or wedding gifts, request donations for DS Research
  • Bake sale at your church, school, etc.
  • Sporting tournament
  • Poker tournament
  • Facebook or Twitter challenge to have 20 people donate $10 for Down syndrome research - set your goals even higher if you have lots of friends!
  • Ask friends and family to simply make a donation and spread the word for the need for private funding to continue DS research!  Click here to donate directly to DSRTF, Click here to donate via Upside of Down (both are tax deductible)

If you aren't sure if you'd even consider giving your child any medications that MAY end up proving to increase cognitivie ability (like me), THAT'S OK.  I look at this that it will provide more opportunities for people with Down syndrome that aren't currently there and could prevent the early onset of Alzheimers, which research shows people with Down syndrome are very likely to get.  I couldn't be happy just sitting back and possibly letting research fall to the way side - who knows what will be discovered!!!

Upside of Down has a goal of raising $100,000 for DS Research that will go directly to DSRTF, please feel free to join our efforts in any way or donate directly to DSRTF!!!  Every penny adds up!!!

Please let us know if you'd like to chat about other ways we might be able to make a difference!!!


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